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Monday Motivation #artist #abstractart

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My dear friends, I wish you all wonderful day evening, and morning, whoever wherever you are. I wish you a great Monday.

I am not well satisfied with my work and soon everyday look for new writing pattern. Though personal choice of loving the one never get bored. There absolutely everything is fine.

Here is my new work with colors. Not yet on canvas but when almighty wish for, I will definitely do that. For now on doodle I am working. My new instagram posts are forcing me to practice more.

Actually, I never look at this way. Because it’s cost of maintenance not in my capacity. But abstract painting is always my weakness.

Today I am looking for your suggestion, appreciation etc. So posting my first seriously what I made for all of you.

I hope you will like it. In instagram artists liked it spontaneously. Perhaps their views gave me confidence to post my art work here.

I would love to have your opinion.

Thank you friends! For taking time to visit my blog.


A letter to monsoon #blog

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Dear June

The first week when you came, like others I too thought rainfall is going to be well enough. Then dust storms at late evening gave a messy looks inside of my house on first day. Dust leaves takes all over . I felt smell of first rain drops of the monsoon on my bed. Books papers were covered with layer of dust. Anyway pulling down curtains and closing glasses of windows were enough late. You were already in.

After week has been passed. Rain is playing game. I think it is but it is just far and not happening. Now almost I read my words myself. Let you wherever, but I am fine with lovely windy sunny climate right now. Clothes are on terrace drying smoothly. I will keep on windows and doors in afternoon while writing. Will play light music. Or watch a five months baby girl’s video clip what my sister in law has sent. But no more closing or wet clothes on. It’s new face of climate. I think I must give you a name who is quiet like dual Gemini characteristics. But ever since I like the name June, let me call you so. Sometimes I wish if I have a daughter I must keep her name in your name. Anyways , today I got to wish you a lovely monsoon and happy birthday.

Did I wish you? Yes. I did. You are such one who takes, but in returns say not one thank you even. And you know I am being summer always born ahead of you. Wait for you. I welcome you. So you come. But you took me for poor desert and drought season so on my birthday you never meets or send wishes . I wait for only you. Years after I saw cracked land, barren land without flower fruits and power of flooding earth , you have thought I might drink you completely because of millions of centuries thirst. So now i stopped to greet you.

Last week I forgot and try to make free breathing and try to meet you to be friends again. Then I understand however it is ,I loved wait adore ,being thirsty but you never felt need of me love for me or meet me. So I hold myself back. You are completely complete. Happy and wealthy. Who cares a desert wishing you or not! Though I have felt bad. This year I know you didn’t remember my birthday, it my sister a little festival in my life who was talking to me and thus you heard and remember it. But summer has a trouble. However she is dry hot burned but she is vibration of positive colors fruits and festivals. She gave if she is having. So she has loved care and remembered. She might forget what was date time she met you in times thread but she remembers your presence is her life get over thirst.

She, the summer has gone. She is in cave now. Meditating to get over. When your birthday comes she greets but in heart. You don’t so she has learned not to do so. But surprisingly she has noticed you were waiting for her wishes.

Yes she is surprised that all wealthy healthy loved rich social the June was waiting for Summer’s birthday wishes. Though you have tried, couldn’t hide. Mood was dark cloud. Nothing was seeing glad. Everyone was remembering wishing but one wishing was making you empty. I didn’t think this much. But summer has took your best day this time. It used to be lovely when her crazy demands for you around you knocking and you enjoyed but ignored brilliantly ,this time that did not happen. Everytime summer came back with much fragile heart. This time you couldn’t break her because she has no place more to be broken. In her meditation hall she is repairing herself. But felt your waiting and felt the pain also.

Dear June giving and taking is wheel. To move on together. I hope this line will say you how the summer used to go and come back. Welcome dear June. You have just born. Summer will visit other year. Until then if she is alive this much.

In love The Summer May.


Staying Back

Life moves on. On its own track on river of time. Time in sense what knows every answer and resemblance with God, has to live in certain situations having no answer in its flow. Why we stay? Stay at a place. Stay at a situation? Stay in relationship? Or stay to self as it is? Why we can’t be aloof to be influenced and shrugs off those which are clotting on time’s flow! I observe carefully. Me, you, them she or him. We stay. Stay in every situation. In expectations to be open up of clotting on times flow. Again we will run. Again we will have. Again we will imagine. Again we will have wings. But until an opening up, we all intend to stay.

You know my heart, dear heart, some stays because they have to. Some stays because they want to . Some stays because they are loving into. Some stays because they are scared. Some stays because they do not understand why where to go. Some stays because society doesn’t permit so. Inter religion, inter caste, inter language, international marriage concept, business, finance, house property, children or personal weakness. These are reasons we have identified to get together, to stayed back. We stay and find us adjusting with a new concept of trouble. Yes, trouble is also a reason to be together and stayed back or having flows again in time’s river.

Until then swim. Wait at river bank. Again swim. Time will come at its own time. You will see river of space in you letting you win.

Take care while you have stayed back.