Additional post = Astrological reading for this week #astrology

Happy Sunday friends. Hope last week reading helped you a bit. Knowing such guideline means you can be alert to read atmosphere and become aware not to make it more worse. My motive is to serve what I have seen good for handling any big or small crisis personally. Sometimes we can’t talk, or express our state of mind, and no one we can trust. Those are times we can receive a response from such reading. If you feel better, go ahead. If you doubt don’t try.

Here we go for today’s reading :

Aries : regular type of week starting. You are determined to keep focus in your own business. Not willing to give advise or kind as well as you are going to avoid any kind of interference in work place. About finance you are calculative. For new proposal, ideas or travel at end of week you may be opened minded. Key of word ~ letting go left a sign in life through recent loss by trust. But life goes on, have trust in you.

Taurus : will receive some expected mail, news for changing place for work or the types of work. New opportunity might come for better career. Relationship is suffering because of ambitious attitude. Though support and financial gain shows through relationship only. Right now be grateful what you got and start to be active and happy with that. Key word is near sea there is your desired ambition. work according.

Gemini : there are situations, will demand your patience. You need little of excess amount of money, but sources are slowing down. Dual emotional stress will rock relationship. Unhappiness in relationship is effecting work. And low finance is reason for unhappiness. Dissatisfaction is in heart mind. Key word ~ look at best part of life so far. And choose wisely.

Cancer : through surroundings you might get new offer. Your work place tension will be cloudy. Avoid arguments. What it was supposed to be, finance is exactly opposite. Do not worry. You have skills. Be confident. Start with new ideas people and even new place. Relationship is good. Key word is ~ you are skilled. Skilled person is perfect for any war situation during life.

Leo : many years now Leo people are suffering from finance , work related issues. Soon you are going to see a little relief in this week. Relationship is matured enough and focused on finance. Love life will be peaceful. Key word is ~ the sun will take you out from dark.

Virgo : Focus on work. Concentration is important. Nothing is late or gone. What you want right now you actually don’t know. Let time reveals it. Wherever you are whatever you are doing, have faith, this will show you next step to go. At right time. Relationship is dead and new is needs understanding, compassion, respect, and taking responsibility. Key word is ~ your honesty and skill efficiency will bring you luck by God grace.

Libra : you are confident, stable and in a position from where you can look forward for more mature decisions. Regarding relationship you are struggling to balance but loneliness and limitations are there. Resolve legal issues if there are some. Key word is ~ new ideas and advice from right person is helpful. Think less, take step.

Scorpio : finance and work are stressful though better basic good news and cooperation in relationship, will help you out to overcome obstacles. Trust in work place is doubtful. Keep sharp communication, records of those communication and make sure no one is fooling around. For the week you will have some good time with family friends and loved ones. Key of word is~ losses are to be recover by hard work.

Sagittarius : this week two types of situations will create confusion mostly. Push any major decisions for next time. Never promise unless you are sure. Painful some situations are likely to be end. By blessings of the nature it is time to be relieved from sickening burdens. Time is alarming you to wait and watch that you can be safe. Key word is ~ look for some outing, look for new connections and become confident. Your uniqueness will help you out.

Capricorn : late of the week increments of financial situation can be expected. Week will be regular, avoid unnecessary commitment, argument and expectations, that you stay unhurt emotionally. Key of word ~ you are currently working on new subject or skill. This will gain you in future.

Aquarius : this week most of common people are worried about income and expenditure regarding good life. I must say skill only skill will pull you out of difficulty. So nothing to worry . Everyone has their own certain areas to show expertness. You are doing hard work and it is going to give you best financial situation coming days. Key word is ~ much you think about others, much will lose self peace. Believe each one has own path to lead on.

Pisces : competition at work finance are going to bring obstacles. Take at a time. Think humiliation as opportunity to bring your best out. Give time to self and relationships. Any kind of help will reach to you at end of week. Key word is ~ your humbleness will force people to support you if you focus one at a time.

I wish you all happiness.



Haiku 1

Painted waiting

Spring comes back over bridge

Autumn breeze

Haiku 2

Her new dress

On new tree branch

Staring highway mansion

Haiku 3

Silent vision

Summer, June, or November

Real lessons among no lessons

Haiku 4

Love of old

God forgot to place a soul

And pinch of love

Haiku 5

Exist, through existence

Tribal demand wild Owl

Snowfall forecast

Haiku 6

His love

Her first earthy encounter

New clock on wall

Haiku 7

Star knocked on cemetery

Old door collapsed

Moon invites sun