“When, I do not follow my thoughts , when I do not follow rules – I become me” LityMunshi #blog #creativewriting

They are similar. They look like same. They speak same. They travel like same. They write similar.

I want to be visible. Not like them. Not hungry of makeup painting on face to catch up every man’s heart. What I am doing? Where I am stuck? This is what I born and wait to end at last? Give me a magical break. I want to stand out and walk on different shape all together.

Mountain talks there. Sky comes down and sit by next chair. Valley says beautiful drama , forest parody. Ocean goes far divided in to parts and opens it’s wonder beds long around earth. Just vanished. Snow falls on ground and becomes flowers colourful. Flowers dance in kitchen of crops and crops in goddess temple. Let turn the table.

They seems same. Meaningless full of words of ocean. I cannot swim. What’s the use if each one serving same and overwhelmed ? Gosh, I am tired. Higher view is pulling no beauty. There is fire fear and no water fair. Life in sky in minutes bar topper drinker. What I am doing here?

Hush Lity. Hush. Take deep breaths. Go slow. No rush. Things will be better. Than this on earth. Reason you are watching unpleasant, and stuck to the patterns, remember great is coming and you will be on indifferent journey.

Hush. My dear. Love your deeds. All are fine. Sky still gives roof and land keeps you on feet. A lost Bedouin heart will free from lock barriers. Hush dear. It’s fine to be not to be fine. But being similar? No. You are born indifferent.